Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React


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    REACT   1 weeks back

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    • ghost all avina
      ghost all avina  19 hours back

      Hi I love your videos please do more YouTube and I want to meet you one day and you are awesome and notification squads

    • Bryn ʌʌʇ
      Bryn ʌʌʇ  1 days back

      REACT I just wish I was their

    • Vexzify Xbl
      Vexzify Xbl  1 days back

      Adrianna Rodriguez I thought it was a image of ninja in the top right. He’s literally a statue

    • Dead on one eye
      Dead on one eye  2 days back

      When will you put apex on here?

    • Kingendary Gamer
      Kingendary Gamer  2 days back

      Who am I?

  • Kieran96cfc
    Kieran96cfc  36 minutes back


    • Mateo Franco
      Mateo Franco  2 hours back

      ninja wut happeneddd

      • Firehawk Gaming
        Firehawk Gaming  2 hours back

        Oh god, not could've gotten Shroud...

        • Brijesh Chauhan
          Brijesh Chauhan  2 hours back

          get shroud

        • Gewoon Dylan
          Gewoon Dylan  2 hours back

          You can hire me for A bo3 snipper battle😉

          • VC
            VC  2 hours back

            Tom sounds like myth

            • Insurgents
              Insurgents  2 hours back

              Ninja looks like Link LULW

              • Super pikachu Oscar
                Super pikachu Oscar  4 hours back

                You should do the next secret Pro Gamer as Markiplier in Five Nights at Freddy's

                • Ryder Coble
                  Ryder Coble  4 hours back

                  Bruh ninja looks like he got cloned lmao

                  • epic geymer
                    epic geymer  4 hours back

                    I would say that was an epic gamer moment.

                    • アニメごみ
                      アニメごみ  4 hours back

                      7:06 if youre not building, that means you are lmao

                      • Zac and Ted
                        Zac and Ted  5 hours back


                        • Dumbo
                          Dumbo  5 hours back

                          I love ninja

                          • MrParrot2000
                            MrParrot2000  5 hours back

                            Hayayayayayayayayayayayaayayay whants unp gines an welcone nack tno benst trends! 0:00

                            • TheBearGamer
                              TheBearGamer  5 hours back

                              Shroud and Apex or pubg plz

                              • Poomba YT
                                Poomba YT  5 hours back

                                Ninja is dying with fortnite

                                • Yumi967
                                  Yumi967  5 hours back

                                  I thought ninja did not play with females

                                  • Dumbo
                                    Dumbo  5 hours back

                                    Yumi967 bro

                                • Alpha Rebel
                                  Alpha Rebel  5 hours back

                                  Ninjas new haircut kinda looks weird but who am I to judge

                                  • Alpha Rebel
                                    Alpha Rebel  1 hours back

                                    Princess Mayika ya it looks weird but I think it might be because I’m used to the old hair style

                                  • Princess Mayika
                                    Princess Mayika  2 hours back

                                    Tbh, I don't even watch him but I think this haircut suits him better than the last.

                                • Kenshi Mobile FN
                                  Kenshi Mobile FN  5 hours back

                                  Soo we not go talk about how thick that girl is😂

                                  • a tannakka
                                    a tannakka  4 hours back

                                    Exactly what I was thinking she damn thic

                                • xd iagu
                                  xd iagu  5 hours back

                                  Ninja sucks

                                  • YEX VY
                                    YEX VY  4 hours back

                                    Think about your building prob your 5 and judge people you should think about your self about what you said lil kid physically your just judging people

                                  • Zynthixツ
                                    Zynthixツ  5 hours back

                                    You’re probably 9. I bet you didn’t develope your brain enough to think.

                                  • Heart Attack
                                    Heart Attack  5 hours back

                                    Ur mom does the same thing

                                  • Dumbo
                                    Dumbo  5 hours back

                                    Sharkzy yeah he’s just jealous

                                  • SharkzyYT-Critical Ops & More
                                    SharkzyYT-Critical Ops & More  5 hours back

                                    xd iagu nah my man your just being influenced by the other toxic kids. He’s great but he’s made a few mistakes. Like everyone does, hypocripcies, not acceptable but imo he’s just a really cool guy in general

                                • JuiScy
                                  JuiScy  6 hours back

                                  ninja looks like my gran

                                  • Favio Flores
                                    Favio Flores  6 hours back

                                    Why was ninja playing like a bot

                                    • Branson Ellison
                                      Branson Ellison  5 hours back

                                      It’s not his setup, it’s like switching from xbox to ps4 but harder

                                  • When We All Fall Asleep The Blossoms Bloom

                                    And I oop-

                                    • Dumbo
                                      Dumbo  5 hours back

                                      When We All Fall Asleep The Blossoms Bloom ?

                                  • Steven Alejos
                                    Steven Alejos  6 hours back

                                    Tom i’m better than you at fortnight on mobile

                                    • Dumbo
                                      Dumbo  5 hours back

                                      Steven Alejos I’m xbox

                                  • Dv Vekry
                                    Dv Vekry  6 hours back

                                    Why ninja like 7’0

                                    • Golden Steel
                                      Golden Steel  6 hours back


                                    • FatherSacrifice
                                      FatherSacrifice  6 hours back

                                      Look at Ninja’s hair.

                                      • Dumbo
                                        Dumbo  5 hours back

                                        FatherSacrifice ikr it looks good

                                    • Connor Rodrigue
                                      Connor Rodrigue  6 hours back

                                      I hate ninja fornite is dead

                                      • Zynthixツ
                                        Zynthixツ  5 hours back

                                        Connor Rodrigue I bet you didn’t develop your brain enough to think.

                                      • Dumbo
                                        Dumbo  5 hours back

                                        FatherSacrifice ur jealous! ITS CALLED JEALOUSY

                                      • Jenna
                                        Jenna  6 hours back

                                        This comment of your is really pointless

                                      • Favio Flores
                                        Favio Flores  6 hours back

                                        I wish u were dead

                                      • Favio Flores
                                        Favio Flores  6 hours back

                                        Connor Rodrigue not really it’s dead also

                                    • Sunwardmean516 1
                                      Sunwardmean516 1  6 hours back

                                      Why does he look so different without the headband

                                      • R6_Sophzz
                                        R6_Sophzz  6 hours back

                                        So ninja said he doesn’t play with girls..

                                        • The gaming master of YouTube Cool

                                          Tyler not ninja is holding a ps4 controller and in game there are xbox controls.

                                          • Renegade Raider
                                            Renegade Raider  5 hours back

                                            The gaming master of YouTube Cool they can change the controls in the settings but they didn’t

                                        • Arthur Hoyes
                                          Arthur Hoyes  7 hours back

                                          Can we get rainbow six siege?

                                        • Leap
                                          Leap  7 hours back

                                          that's not even ninja lmaoooo

                                        • Darius
                                          Darius  7 hours back

                                          Ninja is sooo bad!

                                        • Ginillio Soetowidjojo
                                          Ginillio Soetowidjojo  7 hours back

                                          tfue is better then ninja

                                        • FmZ Clan
                                          FmZ Clan  7 hours back

                                          Only pro who didn't qualify for world cups😤

                                        • vawa-ID
                                          vawa-ID  7 hours back

                                          playing minecraft with pooodipie

                                          • larray extra thicc
                                            larray extra thicc  7 hours back

                                            Imagine if it was the whole faze house.. C:

                                            • Carlos KnD
                                              Carlos KnD  7 hours back

                                              Ninja probably had an unsual setup so yeah... Still kinda fun

                                              • Carlos KnD
                                                Carlos KnD  7 hours back

                                                Yeah, he started talking about it after I posted the comment

                                            • Samuel Cumpston
                                              Samuel Cumpston  7 hours back

                                              Woulda been better if you would have got TFue...

                                              • Ben
                                                Ben  8 hours back

                                                Tom: *takes hands off keyboard*
                                                Me: *facepalms repeatedly*

                                                • Oh yeah yeah
                                                  Oh yeah yeah  8 hours back

                                                  Love the title

                                                  • Dematotic
                                                    Dematotic  8 hours back

                                                    ninja from ninja fortknite woa

                                                    • Masha
                                                      Masha  8 hours back

                                                      Me seeing: **meet Sister James** **Play with Ninja**
                                                      Me: WHERE IS THIS PLACE

                                                      • rocket league king
                                                        rocket league king  8 hours back

                                                        U should do tfue

                                                        • Yulian
                                                          Yulian  8 hours back

                                                          *-_- Ninja Staring intensively*

                                                          • Call Me ClicK
                                                            Call Me ClicK  8 hours back

                                                            Proof that fortnite is pay to win.
                                                            Must buy better equipment to win

                                                            • Call Me ClicK
                                                              Call Me ClicK  3 hours back

                                                              @Broken Rings why are you shaming me. I agree with you....

                                                            • Broken Rings
                                                              Broken Rings  7 hours back

                                                              Call Me ClicK Well obviously are you dumb. How do you think a potato pc compares to a $5,000 one.

                                                            • Horse Crap
                                                              Horse Crap  7 hours back

                                                              No hes just used to it

                                                            • Vex
                                                              Vex  7 hours back

                                                              Slash 777 it interferes with the game a lot. Lol